Dr. Ou – Treatment Methods

1) Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Internal Use – Herbal Medicine: You may choose between using real herbs to cook herbal tea, or herbal pills or powder. Best results are obtained by creating a personalized herbal tea to address specific symptoms.

External Use – Herbal Medicine: Includes herbal teas for soaking, herbal paste, herbal creams for applying on the skin, and more. They work on the skin lesions directly and limit the skin infection and inflammation.

2) Acupuncture:

Using needles to stimulate certain points in the body can adjust the balance between the various organ systems, in effect balancing health and releasing toxins and pressures from the body.

3) Acupressure / Massage:

Increases the local blood circulation, releasing toxins and pressures from the body. Also helps herbal medicine penetrate the skin quickly.

4) Cupping:

Suction created in glass cups against the skin can increase blood circulation and reduce swollen areas while releasing toxins from the body.

5) Moxibustion:

Increases blood circulation.

6) Guo-Sha:

Reduces toxins and pressures of the body.

7) Qi-Kong / Meditation / Emotional Release:

Reduces the excess pressure from the inside, allows for maximal oxygen intake, and adjusts the balance of the various organ systems. This is a great method to calm a patient, increase vital energy, and improve the immune system.

8) Skin Care Method:

Micro-Dermabrasion is a very good method to help remove dead skin, effective on both the body and the face, leaving a much smoother skin. It is a great treatment for acne skin, dry skin, the healing stage of eczema, dermatitis and rash.

Facials (Medical facials) include Acne Facial, Whitening Facial, Hydrating Facial, Firming Muscle Facial, Anti Wrinkle Facial, and more. Dr. Ou will decide, and according to each patient’s condition and the stage of the problem, to choose the suitable facial type for patients. Also she will adjust the herbal medicine formula and products to produce the best results.

Glycolic Acid is a natural food product derived from sugarcane. It helps remove dead skin and wrinkles to keep the skin even and smooth. It is a strong solution used to dry up acne, dissolve grease in the pores, and reduce oil and blackheads.

Nonsurgical Face Lift is an Acupuncture Face Lifting, which helps tone muscles and skin. It also stimulates the muscles and improves blood circulation. Receiving this treatment regularly will youthen and revitalize your face.