Dr. Chiu – Testimonials

Patrick Kelly

Dear Dr. Chiu,

Your remarkable medical skills turned death to life. My parents gave me life, but who brought life back to me is you – Dr. Donald Chiu! Thank you very much for curing my 40 years of obstinate and grievous headache.*

Sonzhi Lee

Dr. Chiu,

Thank you very much for healing my body. I am very health now because of your excellent care.*

Barbara M.

Dear Dr. Jenny and Dr. Donald Chiu,

Thank you so very much for all you have done for me over the past two years.

The treatment that I have received from both of you has been so very beneficial in managing my chronic autoimmune thyroid disease. My health has been restored and I am now able to maintain a good energy level and sense of well being. Also I have found that acupuncture and herbs work very well with the medication that my endocrinologist prescribes.

I would recommend your clinic to anyone with any type of health problem.

Again thank you,
Very sincerely,
Nancy Endy

*We do not claim that these are typical results that patients will generally achieve.