Acne Solution

Understanding Acne

Acne is a common skin disorder, caused by chronic infection and inflammation of follicle sebaceous glands (oil glands). This generally occurs on the face, neck, shoulder, arms and torso. Although people of all ages may be affected, it is most often found in young people and the people with oily skin.

1. Various Causes of Acne

• During a teenager’s growing stage, specific hormones are secreted excessively and stimulate oil glands to secrete more sebum (an oily gland secretion). Overeating sugary, fried, spicy, and greasy foods also promotes acne.
• Women sometimes have worse acne conditions before monthly menstruations. Research shows an increase of male hormones in the urine of women who have more acne outbreaks during these times which suggests that this hormonal imbalance stimulates the skin to produce more oils.
• Side effects of some medicines used long-term include acne. Some examples are steroids, Rimifon (Tuberculosis medicine), Dilantin (Tranquil medicine to treat epilepsy), and makeup products.
• Emotional stress or excessive emotional pressure often results in acne.
• Absence of some vitamins, such as Zinc, and many others, will result in acne.
• Some functional disorders of the digestive system, such as constipation, produce acne.
• Traditional Chinese medicine believes the cause of acne is excessive body heat. This heat is defined as either a “wind-heat,” “wet-heat,” or a “cumulative heat.” Other causes include stagnation of vital energy and blood.

Everybody has a unique body nature, which can be on the “hot” side or the “cold” side. Having a “hot” natured body is the root of acne attacks. Additionally, overeating unsuitable foods and having emotional pressures can be factors in causing acne attacks.

2. Treating Acne

There are four basic types of skin: normal, oily, dry, or a combination (partially oily and partially dry). Dr. Ou will carefully analyze the skin condition of each patient before treatment begins and help him or her understand what skin type he or she has to better customize a treatment for that type.

Generally the best treatment will involve both internal and external methods. Dr. Ou carefully chooses the appropriate method depending on the patient’s current conditions. If the patient follows her directions, good results can be seen after only the first treatment. Many patients improve 40-60% by their second or third treatments, although some even improved by 99%.

Clinical Treatments

To adjust organ systems, you must reduce the heat and dampness of the body, and increase blood circulation and flow.

Chinese herbal medicine: You may choose between using real herbs to cook herbal tea, or take herbals pills or powder. Actually boiling herbs to create an herbal tea provides the best results because this combines certain herbs specific to the problem, and is effectively an individual medical formula based on the symptoms.
Acupuncture: Using needles to stimulate certain points in the body can adjust the balance between the various organ systems.
Cupping: Suction created in glass cups increase blood circulation and release toxicity in the body.
Qi Kong (Emotional Release): Mental and physical focus can help relieve emotional stress, as well as a good method to calm patients, increase vital energy, and improve the immune system.
Diet: Diet adjustment is an important way to get great results. During the Acne Cure Program, patients will learn details to gain the knowledge to take care of their diets. People must realize that all food eaten each meal affect their health.

Clinical Skin Care Treatments

Micro-Dermabrasion: This unique approach removes dead and flaky skin cells while stimulating the production of fresh and young skin cells and collagen. It is the latest advancement in non-invasive and non-surgical treatments to enhance skin conditions. This technique combats signs of acne, acne scars, and aging skin. However, for the best results, the person performing micro-dermabrasion is very important. Dr. Ou’s excellent techniques, from years of experience, consistently produce outstanding results, for all stages of acne.
Acne Facial: Blackheads and pimples are removed in this treatment. Combining this with Chinese herbal masks, the face will become much smoother.

Home Treatments

Skin Mate: A pure Chinese herbal liquid with a strong ability to eliminate infection and inflammation, this medicine dries and heals acne quickly.
Cleaning Lotion: Chinese herbal lotion that helps reduce face oil and eliminate infection.
Glycolic Acid: As a natural food product derived from sugarcane, this helps remove dead skin and dries up acne, reducing sebum and blackheads. Used appropriately, the results are fantastic. Dr. Ou adjusts for the concentration of the glycolic acid depending on each patient’s conditions, to produce the absolutely best results.
Acne Cleanser: Helps clean out oil but does not dry up the skin’s surface. Very useful for oily or normal skin.
Scrub: A light dermabrasion, the scrub provides deep cleaning by removing dirty and dead skin while producing a fresh look and feeling.
Soothing Lotion: Greaseless, light, and non-comedogenic (will not cause blackheads), this lotion gives skin a soothing, calming, and fresh feeling.
Lifting Mask: Helps exfoliate impurities and dead cells, tightens and lifts facial skin while soothing and smoothing. This natural humectant helps relax and rejuvenate facial and neck skin with a pH-balanced formula.